"Take Your Product to the Next Level with Sales Copy that Converts Like Crazy AND Gets Buyers EXCITED About Your Brand..."

...even get complete sales pages, OTO's, graphics and more Done-For-You!!

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"The Stats Speak for Themselves, My Sales Copy Gets the Results You're Looking for..."

With years of experience including close to half a million in revenue generated through my sales copy...I know how to convert!

Just take a look at the results I've created for my partners and clients so far this year...

January - Local Lead Drop
mx lld
These stats were pulled long after (two months) the initial launch and they include JVzoo POTD traffic to boot. Not only are the numbers still holding strong but you can see that the overall funnel converted like crazy! This launch generated $33k in Revenue during a 4 day launch.
February 2017 - Video Bold Macro Film Collection
Video Bold OTO's
For this launch I created the copy, built the sales page and two OTO pages in a matter of four days to save their launch. As you can see they crushed it with over 10% conversions on the front end (700+ sales) and $8-12 EPC's on the two OTO's. This launch did close to $50k in sales when it could have potentially done less than half of that had I not built their funnel.
March 2017 - Digital Client Crash Course
dccc main
dccc mixtape
This launch was a "tougher sell" as the offer wasn't perfect yet we still pulled in over $10k in sales with $4 front end EPC's and $12 on the software OTO. All this launch needed was more traffic to blow up, the conversions were solid and refunds almost non existent. The great news is that it's become a killer evergreen backend offer that is proven to convert!
Those are just the recent ones! Check out a few more...
Killer Stats
While I haven't been great about saving all my ego stroking screenshots over the years these show you a taste of my experience level. They simply serve as an example of what I was able to do with various launch types and even webinar pitches. I know how to create copy AND pages that will get people to BUY NOW. Don't just take it from me...
Check out what these guys had to say about my copy...

Justin came to us in a jam having paid half up front already for some copy that was laughable at best. With only four days until his launch he needed somebody to save the day.

Not only did I write his copy AND build his sales page plus both OTO's but I got him some killer conversions! They went on to do 700+ front end sales while getting 10% conversions on a $30 offer.

Just imagine how screwed they would have been with affiliates already committed and no time to get new copy plus pay a designer to make the page.

This is just one example of how our service is a cut above other copy writing services you'll find online.

Justin Sardi
Video Ads Expert & YouTube Marketer
" Neil has written copy for several of our product launches, and they have converted extremely well every single time. As a copywriter, I can't recommend him enough."
Robert DicksonCEO of TrackableResponse.com
" When it comes to digital marketing, writing copy was a daunting task for us. There are loads of copywriters that talk a good game, but Neil actually helps you make it happen. He has enabled me, assisted me and given me the right copy to share mypancho.com’s story widely. He's copy engages customers and industry commentators alike, and has brought our new business great results. The best part was that I could completely trust Neil to represent our company professionally with our clients through his engaging writing."
James OkekeCEO of MyPancho.com
"To Blow up Your Next Launch you need more than just sales copy in a word doc, you need a SALES FUNNEL that CONVERTS Like Crazy.."

Neil Macpherson here and let me tell you from one marketer to another...I get it! I've been doing Internet Marketing since 2009 and I've basically done it all along the way.

I started out just like many others with nothing more than some basic info and ambition to make money online so I didn't have to work for other people.

In the beginning I struggled to make any money at all but eventually found some success when I began taking on local clients.


From there I began writing ebooks, creating courses, writing the copy for them and selling them using product launches.

Over the years I have written the copy for every single project I've been involved in to the tune of well over 30+ sales pages, funnels, special offers and even structured some webinars that crushed it ($200k in sales).

I'm sharing this with you only to show that I truly understand what it means to "where all those hats".

Creating the product designing the funnel,  Building the JV page, recruiting affiliates, running the launch, doing customer service AND writing winning copy all yourself is a a TON of work!

What I've found (I'm sure you have too) is that when you try to do it all everything suffers...

The product could be done further in advance....the offer could likely be better and you could easily get more affiliates if you had more TIME.

All of these add up to YOU making MORE MONEY!

Bringing in a pro copywriter who you know can get you killer conversions takes the weight off your shoulders, frees up your time and ultimately leads to more revenue long term.

Once you realize this (as you probably have, you're on this page) the next step is to find somebody who can actually deliver what you are looking for.

Trust me I've tried to hire copywriters myself and I definitely figured out...

"Finding a Kickass Copywriter Who Can Deliver Results Consistently AND Can Design/Build the Sales Pages For you is UNHEARD Of..."

When it comes to your search for a copywriter there a literally more options than you can imagine. From outsource sites to Facebook groups, forums and even just a simple Google search it's hard to know where to even start.

Beyond that rates and experience levels vary dramatically across the industry. I'll be the first one to tell you that you get what you pay for.

It's hard to tell if you are getting a great deal or if somebody is just trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of you...

And even when you pay top dollar it can take forever to get what you paid for! That's not even the worst part!

Almost every copywriter you hire is going to give you the copy in a Word Document...and let you deal with the rest!

Building a sales funnel and launching a product requires way more than just written copy in a document!

You need full blown sales pages with VSL (slides, voice over, etc), buy buttons, OTO pages...a JV page, maybe even backend webinar slides...way more than "just copy".

Not only do you need the actual pages but they need to be graphically designed in a specific way to maximize conversions.

Sure you could hand it over to your regular designer (cuts into your profits) and they'll do their best but it's almost always never what it could be...if it was written AND designed by a pro copywriter!

We recognize you need a complete solution to blow up your product launch, not just a copywriter that leaves you hanging...

"That's why we created DFY Sales Funnel Solutions that are Proven to Convert while Maximizing Your Profits..."

That's right not only will we create high converting sales copy but we will actually build your sales page, OTO's and even shoot your VSL if you like!

We will literally give you a professionally designed sales page ready to install on your website...and if need be we can even install it for you!

Can you imagine what it would be like to know that you don't have to worry about your copy, sales pages, emails, OTO's, Videos...or ANY of that stuff on your next launch?

You'll be able to to focus on what you do best which is creating awesome products and driving affiliate traffic to your high converting, DFY sales funnel.

I don't have to do the math for you and drive home all the benefits a successful product launch can bring you.

I'm sure you know that you know if we increase your conversions from 5% to 10% that we will literally double your sales.

By now you've seen the stats above and testimonials of just few people who we've written for along the way.

You KNOW that we get RESULTS.

If you are ready to take your product to the next level and let somebody else do the heavy lifting...let's make it happen.

We offer a wide range of IM services from emails to sales page, webinars and more. You can check out a full list of our services here.

Once you reach out we will take a look at what you need and build a custom quote for you. Booking is first come, first serve.

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